Thanks to the recent post I have read on WordPress which made me think of this topic.

How important is parenting in a child’s life?

Very important or say irreplaceable. Childhood is the period of time where a child has to be looked after and nourished.  But as we live in a modern city where every person is busy in working to earn their bread, and some of them on the contrary are just running because of their own greed for a better future.

But hold on for a moment and think is it worth to give up your child’s childhood for this reason?

May be you would say that they are working for their child’s better future or to have their daughters big budget marriage. But this amount can be earned later on also.

The childhood of a child is very crucial. They learn things what they see. If they don’t find your support then they will never have an ability to make a decision. If they don’t see you giving respect or see you shouting at your parents, mind it my friends you will be the next victim.

If u want your child to have a good future make sure you spend some time with them. Make them a better person. Teach them humanity and the basic things they need to know.

As said the first teacher is a mom.  So be a teacher that your student is looking up to and follow your teachings all their life with all the love and respect for you.

This is a post I have read somewhere… it goes this way:

Son: dad how much is your salary?

Dad: (annoyed) why do u need that? Isn’t my salary enough for you?

Son: no dad. You take care of us and our need so well that you are always busy with your office work and have no time for us. So I just want to pay you the amount you get for a day so that you spend that day with us.

Dad: (in tears) I am sorry my son and hugged him.

That day the father has cried his heart out and realized what he was missing.

So get your dreams fulfilled my friends but also know the cost of it… 🙂

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