And yes I miss him …!

It was all beautiful..Our 10 years of friendship.

Physiologist says that ” when a friend ship has crossed 7 years of  togetherness, then it’s the friendship for life time ” , but this quote proved to be wrong in my matter .. 

I first met him when we were in 7th standard. We hardly knew each other .Then after a year in 8th standard one of my friend came up to me and says their is a guy who has a huge crush on you. I was taken back by the surprise because the guy who had a crush on me was the most popular gymnastics person because of which he had an appealing body , Charming personality and huge female fan following .on the other hand I was just a normal, inactive in sports and a bit healthy girl. 

 So their was no way connection for our connection to happen .

But yeh it did  happen. After knowing he had a crush on me ,I started noticing him and suddenly was under all the lime line and hot topic discussions  which  increased my female enimiees for obvious reasons..

But I must admit our teenager love stories are the cutest with all the innocence and pure attraction .

He once gift me a keychain ,a new year card and a pendent ( which I will be posting) which are still my most valuable possession. It was all very cute.

I have changed my school after 8th and that was supposed to be the end of the story.

But dramatically it wasn’t the end but a beautiful start where we were knowing each other better .

We use to chat on yahoo messenger and wait for each other to come online . We dint meet each other for next two year .

 Then it all started again ..But this time we had our personal mobiles and being in touch was easy..

He was a cute lil innocent guy and I always asked him ” what did u find in me that u fell for me “? 

And to this he always answered ” if I had a reason then it wouldn’t be love” and he was very serious when he says this ..

He use to dedicate songs, give up on any work just to chat or talk to me . 

He use to travel 30 Kms just to see me on new year’s night where he use to stand on the road and I use to peep from my balcony and just wave him a “hi” which would bring huge smiles on our faces for so long .

He missed his internal exams just to come on a hangout with me .

We watched movies together, long rides , endless chats and lots of love.

It’s not that we never fought. We did but somehow we managed to get  back each other .  

But now it’s been more than a month and we are not talking to each other.

I always thought he kept me prior to all his ego and anger ,but this time I was let down by him . 

Our fight initially started with something really small I suppose which I hardly remember and turned out to be the worst nightmare.

I never imagined I would loose him in a fraction of minute.

His last text stated ” never show me your face again for god’s sake ” and that just broke me  very badly.. I was equally angry at that moment and yeah my ego came in between..

I didn’t stop him .

But never imagined he wouldn’t turn back either.

With each passing hour I miss him and miss him more badly now . I am so into him that he comes in my dreams too. 

I cannot text him because my ego comes in between.. may be this was the end to our realationship.

” Love hurts but that’s the way legend stories happen  ” 

But this is life !!.it doesn’t stop for any one. 

I wish him all the luck and love and hope he someday reads this ..


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