And yes I miss him …!

It was all beautiful..Our 10 years of friendship.

Physiologist says that ” when a friend ship has crossed 7 years of  togetherness, then it’s the friendship for life time ” , but this quote proved to be wrong in my matter .. 

I first met him when we were in 7th standard. We hardly knew each other .Then after a year in 8th standard one of my friend came up to me and says their is a guy who has a huge crush on you. I was taken back by the surprise because the guy who had a crush on me was the most popular gymnastics person because of which he had an appealing body , Charming personality and huge female fan following .on the other hand I was just a normal, inactive in sports and a bit healthy girl. 

 So their was no way connection for our connection to happen .

But yeh it did  happen. After knowing he had a crush on me ,I started noticing him and suddenly was under all the lime line and hot topic discussions  which  increased my female enimiees for obvious reasons..

But I must admit our teenager love stories are the cutest with all the innocence and pure attraction .

He once gift me a keychain ,a new year card and a pendent ( which I will be posting) which are still my most valuable possession. It was all very cute.

I have changed my school after 8th and that was supposed to be the end of the story.

But dramatically it wasn’t the end but a beautiful start where we were knowing each other better .

We use to chat on yahoo messenger and wait for each other to come online . We dint meet each other for next two year .

 Then it all started again ..But this time we had our personal mobiles and being in touch was easy..

He was a cute lil innocent guy and I always asked him ” what did u find in me that u fell for me “? 

And to this he always answered ” if I had a reason then it wouldn’t be love” and he was very serious when he says this ..

He use to dedicate songs, give up on any work just to chat or talk to me . 

He use to travel 30 Kms just to see me on new year’s night where he use to stand on the road and I use to peep from my balcony and just wave him a “hi” which would bring huge smiles on our faces for so long .

He missed his internal exams just to come on a hangout with me .

We watched movies together, long rides , endless chats and lots of love.

It’s not that we never fought. We did but somehow we managed to get  back each other .  

But now it’s been more than a month and we are not talking to each other.

I always thought he kept me prior to all his ego and anger ,but this time I was let down by him . 

Our fight initially started with something really small I suppose which I hardly remember and turned out to be the worst nightmare.

I never imagined I would loose him in a fraction of minute.

His last text stated ” never show me your face again for god’s sake ” and that just broke me  very badly.. I was equally angry at that moment and yeah my ego came in between..

I didn’t stop him .

But never imagined he wouldn’t turn back either.

With each passing hour I miss him and miss him more badly now . I am so into him that he comes in my dreams too. 

I cannot text him because my ego comes in between.. may be this was the end to our realationship.

” Love hurts but that’s the way legend stories happen  ” 

But this is life !!.it doesn’t stop for any one. 

I wish him all the luck and love and hope he someday reads this ..



via Daily Prompt: Successful the moment i read this word the first thing that clicked in my mind was a smiling picture of my parents when i was holding a merit certificate .. that certificate was of no worth without the happiness of my parents .. i could only be successful because of the endless hard work ,  patience and love shown by my parents . i can reach the mountains of success and fly in the air like a bird but whats the use of the things if my parents or the loved once are not happy or proud of me .

its easy to walk alone but the real success is in taking the people along with you in your journey #feelingblessed 🙂


Thanks to the recent post I have read on WordPress which made me think of this topic.

How important is parenting in a child’s life?

Very important or say irreplaceable. Childhood is the period of time where a child has to be looked after and nourished.  But as we live in a modern city where every person is busy in working to earn their bread, and some of them on the contrary are just running because of their own greed for a better future.

But hold on for a moment and think is it worth to give up your child’s childhood for this reason?

May be you would say that they are working for their child’s better future or to have their daughters big budget marriage. But this amount can be earned later on also.

The childhood of a child is very crucial. They learn things what they see. If they don’t find your support then they will never have an ability to make a decision. If they don’t see you giving respect or see you shouting at your parents, mind it my friends you will be the next victim.

If u want your child to have a good future make sure you spend some time with them. Make them a better person. Teach them humanity and the basic things they need to know.

As said the first teacher is a mom.  So be a teacher that your student is looking up to and follow your teachings all their life with all the love and respect for you.

This is a post I have read somewhere… it goes this way:

Son: dad how much is your salary?

Dad: (annoyed) why do u need that? Isn’t my salary enough for you?

Son: no dad. You take care of us and our need so well that you are always busy with your office work and have no time for us. So I just want to pay you the amount you get for a day so that you spend that day with us.

Dad: (in tears) I am sorry my son and hugged him.

That day the father has cried his heart out and realized what he was missing.

So get your dreams fulfilled my friends but also know the cost of it… 🙂

Do comment your views before…1downloadimages

Right age for marriage?

The term marriage in itself has got a deeper and a wider meaning.

Everyone has got their own perspective in this matter. For few marriage just means to take care of husband , his parents , his siblings and ofcourse his house ( as said unpaid maid ) , and such women spend all her life without even discovering the need for a self-recognition and have a mindset that this is their life and they are happy in it .

One of the best example could be mothers. My mother got married at the age of 18   in a very orthodox family. At this age people hardly have any sense of knowledge about themselves and their surroundings. She was not allowed to move out of the house without anyone’s permission and if she is going out then it should only be with my father. She use to take care of all the things in the house from cooking to cleaning. All the work was managed single handed and must say she managed it very well.

I am sure most of you must have also experienced such situations or somewhere near to this.  But now the question arises is would you also want to be a part of the same race?

A big NO. RIGHT? Being a part of that family which had a belief that a girl should get married and serve her family should be her life goals. What kind of mind set would a child have?

But a change will always happen!!

I am 24 years and is married for more than 2 and a half years. I got married when I was perusing my under graduation final year. I was all happy with the thoughts that someone is going to enter in my life, new house, people and fun.

But the reality has knocked me down very soon. The first day of my marriage taught me that it’s not going to be easy. A women should have tremendous patience, self-confidence and a big heart to forget and forgive.

As the days passed I become more silent and was being sad. I was being treated that I knew nothing, have no knowledge about cooking or taking care of the family.

I was always looking up for help from my husband and that would start with me complaining about his family and end up with a huge fight.

Then once I gathered courage to resolve my issues with my mom in law but that has turned out to be the most stupid thing I would ever think of.

Now I have a vamp image like the most popular vamp named komolika is some daily soap.

And this was the time which made me think reason behind this situation and the only answer was marrying at the wrong age.

I was in the age where I had conversations only with my friends, bunk and chill at home and the behavior continued. I had no knowledge about how to be presentable in front of my in-laws, how to talk, walk, sit, and smile and the list goes on which made my life more miserable.

So basically there is no such number to give in which a girl should get married but this is sure that she should know her self before she takes this decision , think of all the pros and cons and have a view about everything . Be independent, have self-esteem and know a bit of cooking.

I hope girls and specially their parents have clear head before they hand over their daughters to someone .